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Personal Insurance. Home + Condo Insurance. Business Insurance. Farm Insurance. Life + Group Insurance. Auto + Recreational Insurance. Trucking Insurance.

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HAL Insurance specializes in home insurance. House, Apartment and Condo Insurance.

No matter where you live, its home.

Business Insurance

Ptotect what you work 80 hours a week for. Your business is your lively-hood. Protect it from unforeseen circumstances and from possible liability claims.

Auto + Recreational

Drivers License and Plate Insurance for your everyday vehicle to your boat and other recreational vehicles.

We also provide Travel Insurance & Sports Insurance if your hobbies take you to other locations.

Farm / AG Insurance

Not everyone lives on the land they farm making it even more vulnerable. Having insurance that covers all of your needs is more important than ever.

Life + Group Health

The recent pandemic reminds us that we need to look after ourselves and our families. Life Insurance for yourself and Group Insurance for your staff if you are a business owner.

Trucking Insurance

HAL Insurance is well-versed in trucking. We have a division dedicated to cross-border operations and licensing called CTCI. We Are Trucking!