Why is HAL Insurance best equipped to deal with your trucking insurance? Because HAL knows trucking. HAL Insurance belongs to the Saskatchewan Trucking Association Group of Companies. The STA was founded in 1937 and since its founding, has always represented Saskatchewan truck transport with strength, pride, and honesty, reflecting the industry for which it speaks.

A Little History

The year was 1937, and although the province of Saskatchewan had only 132 miles of paved road to accompany 2,402 miles of gravel, it was blessed with an energetic group of truckers who felt there was a need to present a united voice when dealing with the provincial government. Thus was born the Saskatchewan Motor Transport Association (SMTA).

In the late 1950s, the organization changed its name to the current Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA). Over the years it has helped the industry fight its battles in everything from deregulation to weights and measures. It has always been there to represent the industry in discussions with the government.

Original Trustees of the STA

  • Moose Jaw: Dave Skingle & James McLellan
  • Regina: Harold McElroy, Sam Poland & Adam Pounder
  • Saskatoon: Jack Lewis & J. Byers

Founding Members of the STA

  • Basil Hindmarsh
  • Tom Atkinson Sr.
  • George Peacock
  • George Solomon
  • George Smith
  • Pete Maiers

The trucking and warehouse sectors are one of the top occupations in Canada, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians. 15% of Saskatchewan`s 1.1 million residents are directly employed by the trucking and warehousing industries. Without taking the drivers income tax into account, it is estimated that each truck on the road pays over $60,000 per year in taxes.

Saskatchewan has 26,250 km of highways, including 131 km of ice-road highways. That means Saskatchewan has the largest municipal road network in the country and the trucking industry utilizes it to get Saskatchewan produced goods to market. From grain to crude oil, Saskatchewan`s export-heavy economy relies on truck transport.

This is why HAL Insurance is best equipped to deal with insurance in the trucking industry because we use the STA’s extensive knowledge and experience, along with the knowledge and experience of our brokers, of trucking to provide the best service possible.