Briana Ewart – Client Services

Briana joined the HAL team four months ago in Client Services. Since starting at HAL Insurance, Briana has developed a keen interest not only in her work, but to learn more. She has a background in customer service and is currently taking steps to become a licensed insurance professional.

“That’s the long-term plan,” she said. “Right now, I do work on behalf of brokers like renewal letters and stuff like that.” She continued to say: “When I first started I didn’t really have any idea what the difference between plating and an extension policy was. What has drawn me into this field so far has been that it is a very practical skill to understand for my own benefit. If I know the options, I can make my own personal insurance better and I will understand it more. It’s all still very new to me and it’s a huge learning curve, but I think that makes it more rewarding because it’s hard to master it!”

Briana grew up in Regina and says that she loves to travel. She recently spent three months driving across Australia. Briana is also an animal rights activist and loves cats. She has two cats, one named Mittens and one named Fred.